The moving industry keeps moving forward. This roundup of recent news stories will help you stay up to date with the last industry developments.

  • The ELD rule is in effect. The Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate went into effect in December, and as Overdrive reports, some people are having trouble adjusting to the rigidity of the new requirements. Work Truck Online offers tips for anyone struggling with compliance issues. Meanwhile, Trucks reports that some American truck drivers who want more flexibility are eyeing the Canadian hours-of-service rule with envy.
  • Fleet managers try to reduce fuel costs. This isn’t a new development in and of itself – fleet managers have always want to save money on fuel. The strategies have been changing, however. Work Truck Online reports that some fleets have successfully cut fuel costs using telematics, while another Work Truck Online article looks at how fleet managers are reducing costs and helping the environment. Tesla’s new Semi is electric and semi-autonomous, and Forbes looks at what it might mean for the future of trucking.
  • Distractions are making driving more dangerous. Work Truck Online reports that violations remain common six years after the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration introduced a cell phone ban for drivers of commercial motor vehicles. Property Casualty 360° looks at five things companies can do to prevent distracted driving.
  • Americans are on the move. A new study from United Van Lines shows where Americans are leaving and where they’re headed. Property Casualty 360° takes a look at the top 10 states Americans left in 2017, as well as the 10 most popular states where Americans chose to move to.
  • Cargo thefts are down. According to Work Truck Online, data from CargoNet indicates that cargo thefts declined in the U.S. and Canada in 2017. In 2016, 836 thefts were recorded. In 2017, only 741 thefts were recorded. In California alone, cargo theft incidents decreased by 32 percent.
  • RIG resources help you explain moving insurance. Need help explaining Moving Insurance to your customers? Download this flyer. Also, make sure your team and customers understand the coinsurance clause which comes into play when customers don’t buy enough insurance. Read this article for details.

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