moving-industry-newsIn a hurry? That’s okay. This roundup of moving and storage industry news will get you caught up on the latest developments in no time.


  • The numbers are in, and we now know the hottest moving destinations of 2017. According to United Van Lines, the top inbound state of 2017 was Vermont, followed by Oregon, Idaho, Nevada and South Dakota. The top outbound state of 2017 was Illinois, followed by New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Kansas.
  • Moving expense deductions are disappearing. According to S. News, the new tax act means that people will no longer to deduct moving expenses if they move for a job. The tax act also impacts deductions for home equity loan interest, mortgage interest and state and local taxes.
  • Do you customers need help adjusting to life in their new city? Bustle has nine tips for making friends in a new city. Entrepreneur has 10 tips for getting a job in a new city.


  • The Electronic Logging Device (ELD) rule went into full enforcement on April 1. Truckinginfo warns that truckers could be placed out of service for not meeting the ELD requirements. Trucks reports that many truckers are struggling with problems with the required devices and shows a connection between the ELD rule and rising freight rates.
  • In addition to the new ELD mandate, Work Truck Online warns that fleet operators also need to comply with new full rear visibility conformance regulations.
  • Work Truck Online is providing highlights from the 2018 Work Truck Show to see what’s in store for the future of trucks. Meanwhile Trucks takes a look at how autonomous technology will impact trucking and explains why future trucks could use cameras instead of side mirrors.
  • Freightos, a new startup that’s being described as the Uber of shipping, is trying to simply the way international shipping is done. According to Trucks, Freightos’ marketplace makes it possible to get a quote and book a shipment in a few minutes.


  • Curbed provides a history of the self-storage boom, as well as a look at what might be up next for the industry.
  • Retail stores like Toys R Us and Sears are closing their doors around the country. SpareFoot reports that this is creating new location opportunities for self-storage.
  • TechCrunch reports that Neighbor, a startup being described as the Airbnb of self-storage, has received $2.5 million in seed funding.

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