how-moving-companies-can-use-tech-to-enhance-serviceSummer is coming. While most people will be dreaming of beachside vacations and lazy days by the pool, anyone in the moving industry knows it’s time to get to work. Summer is the industry’s busy season. With a little planning and the right tech options, you can keep things running smoothly for both you and your customers – no matter how hectic it gets.

Tip One: Automate the process of offering insurance.

Good communication is important, but if something goes wrong, your moving customers will want more than that. They’ll want the problem fixed – the damaged or lost items repaired or replaced. If they have good insurance coverage, this should be no problem. If they don’t, they’ll likely take out their frustration on your moving company, in the form of negative reviews.

Modern technology makes sharing negative reviews easier than ever. Thankfully, technology can also help you avoid negative reviews in the first place.

Moving Insurance, LLC is working with many moving software companies to provide better communication and support. By checking a box on your standard moving paperwork, your customers can opt in to receive moving insurance information. Your software electronically transmits the request to Moving Insurance and a Moving Insurance agent contacts your customers to explain the options available on your behalf.

Talk to your moving software provider to see if this free service is available. If you use proprietary software, have your IT team contact us to get it set up. Your customers will appreciate the coverage information, and you’ll get a referral fee, while also saving time. Best of all, this proactive step may improve customer satisfaction and reviews. Download more information.

Tip Two: Provide electronic copies of moving documents.

Moving industry workers aren’t the only ones who will be busy this summer. The moving customers will be stressed, too, and the last thing they’ll want is another document to try to keep track of. Think about it – it’s hard enough to find the items you need every day when you’re in the middle of moving. A piece of paper is bound to get lost.

Electronic moving documents make things much easier. Customers will appreciate not having to search for documents, and you’ll appreciate not having sort out the problems that arise from lost documents.

Tip Three: Send helpful updates throughout the move process.

Nowadays, when people are waiting for a package, they can go online to see exactly where it is and when delivery is expected. Moving customers will want similar updates.

Even if everything is going exactly as planned, they may be relieved to receive automated updates telling them exactly where their belongings are. If there is a delay or other problem, they’ll appreciate knowing what’s going on. Ask customers if they would like updates by email or text message so you can communicate according to their preferences. The frequent updates will help reassure moving customers. They’ll also have one less reason to call your moving company, meaning your staff will have fewer calls to handle.

You can count on Relocation Insurance Group to be your partner in the busy season and beyond. Be sure to learn more about our Software Referral Capabilities.