moving-seasonWhen you’re stretched thin during the busy season, it’s easy to lose sight of the requirements mandated by Safer/FMCSA during the transportation of customers goods during the relocation process.

For a quick refresher, click here to view the Code of Federal Regulation issued by Safer/FMCSA. Subpart B, “Before You Offer Services to Customers” is especially important.

Feeling stressed? Below are four ways to finish strong during the busy season:

1. Broaden Your Service with Our Free Insurance Support

The requirements for managing liability are challenging for most moving companies. Many of you don’t have a licensed insurance agent on your team, or people who understand the nuances of liability, full value protection and moving insurance protection.  When goods are accidentally damaged, it’s difficult to manage the fallout.

Fortunately, there is a solution. You can automate the process of referring shippers who are interested in insurance for support from a licensed agent at Relocation Insurance Group / Moving Insurance, LLC.

By checking a box on your standard moving paperwork, your customers can opt in to receive moving insurance information. Your software electronically transmits the request to Moving Insurance and a Moving Insurance agent contacts your customers to explain the options available on your behalf.

Talk to your moving software provider to see if this free service is available. If you use proprietary software, have your IT team contact us to get it set up. Your customers will appreciate the coverage information, and you’ll get a referral fee, while also saving time. Best of all, this proactive step may improve customer satisfaction and reviews. Download more information.

2. Remind Your Team of Packing Protocol … Daily.  

If something is important, you have to repeat it, a lot. This is especially true with packing requirements. Share packing instructions and discuss the dos and don’ts at your team meetings. Highlight key requirements every morning before your crews head out and ask your team if the requirements were properly completed every afternoon when they return. Start by sharing these 8 packing tips to reduce claims. 

3. Manage the Added Risk of Special Projects.

When are claims most likely to occur? Often, it’s when you’re doing something a little different than normal, such as special projects. For moving companies, special projects pop up quite often and may include assignments from senior move managers, interior designers, move management companies and building management companies. Special projects could also include moving fine art, automobiles or even a tradeshow exhibit. Protect your interests and manage the added risk of these special projects by asking clients to insure their goods during the move. As your insurance partner, we can help with all of these special project demands.

4. Update Your Moving Insurance Account to Ensure Our Complete Support.

Many of you have been in our network for years. Things may have changed since you started. For example, you may have purchased a warehouse, expanded to a second location or moved since you set up your affiliate account. Take a moment to check your account details and make sure everything is accurate. You can do this by logging into your account or by calling us.

You’re getting close to the finish line of the 2019 busy season. Don’t let unexpected damages get in the way of your best year yet. Let us know how we can help maximize customer satisfaction!