moving-insurance-communicationSome of your customers are not aware that insurance for their goods while in transit or storage is available. Our experience with many of our affiliates shows that proactively educating customers about insurance increases customer awareness and reduces the chance of post-move conflict if damages are discovered and moving insurance options were not previously discussed.

Here are three ways to improve insurance communication and education:

  1. Add a Moving Insurance informational page to your website. This page should be accessible from your main navigation menu. You may also want to provide a link to this page from other key places in your website and service emails. We can provide a template of page content to get you started. Contact us to request a web page template. We can customize your template to work for your company and state.
  1. Include Moving Insurance in your pre-move emails. Add a link to your email correspondence to inform customers of their moving insurance options. This can be as easy as adding a P.S. at the end of standard pre-move emails, such as “Want to Know Your Moving Insurance Options?” or “Need Moving Insurance?” This link can route to your own moving insurance web page or to Consider adding an email that is dedicated to the topic of insurance. Contact us if you’d like assistance with writing an insurance-specific email.
  1. Get paid for insurance referrals by your Moving Insurance software. We now have the ability to work with your moving software and receive opted-in referrals sent to us via an API. Your customers get the info they want quickly, and you are paid for the referrals sent. Learn more here and contact us to start the conversation.