Moving Companies: Two Ways to Move Millennials

When it comes to moving, millennials just may be the next big thing. Not only do millennials represent 25% of the U.S., they also wield more than $200 billion in buying power (source). And to think… many of them haven’t even graduated yet. So how can you reach the millennials in your neighborhood? How does [...]

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Moving Insurance Claim Response Time

Moving Insurance Claim Response Time: The Need for Speed You already know that in workers compensation and liability situations, a quick response to injury claims is essential to control costs and facilitate a successful outcome. In fact, according to a study by Liberty Mutual Risk Management Solutions, the longer you wait to report and begin [...]

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Five Tips to Resolve Moving Company Insurance Complaints

Five Tips to Resolve Moving Company Insurance Complaints They say one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch, and there’s a lot of truth to that when it comes to the reputation of moving companies and how they respond to damage complaints. Unscrupulous operators and scams abound, making things tougher for the good guys. These [...]

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