Someone drops a box. Scratches an antique. Stumbles on the stairs. Accidents happen, because movers are human.

Even if the hands-on part of the process goes without incident, your belongings may shift on the drive or get damaged in an auto accident. When moving to a new home, you’ve got a thousand concerns to handle. The loss of your personal belongings shouldn’t be one of them.

Why Get Moving Insurance?

1. It’s one less thing to worry about. Moving is a tough job: why not go easy on yourself

2. Moving companies aren’t responsible to replace items that get damaged in transit.

3. Under usual arrangements, they’re liable for the “released value” only – that’s no more than $0.60 per pound, per article. Your things are worth more than that.

4. If you packed anything perishable, that might limit their liability further.

5. Same if you packed your own boxes.

6. Same if you forgot to notify them (in writing) about anything really valuable.

7. Same if you didn’t mention something hazardous – which, by the way, includes a lot of normal household items.

8. Same if you signed a delivery receipt after all’s said and done that includes a release in the fine print.

9. And same if you didn’t get around to reporting your loss or damage until nine months after your move.

10. Your homeowner’s insurance typically doesn’t cover this type of loss, because your belongings aren’t on your property when it occurs.

11. Got renter’s insurance? That usually doesn’t cover it, either.

12. You’re already buying a new couch. Or curtains. Or bathroom fixtures. Or any number of other housewarming necessities. You don’t want to have to replace the stuff you’ve already got!

13. If your company is funding the move, you may think they’d take responsibility for any loss you might suffer. Nope.

14. Weather happens.

15. No amount of research is a guarantee; even a great-looking moving company may deliver less-than-excellent service.

16. Even with a careful team, the fact is, moving is hard on your stuff.

17. When your nerves are jangled, seeing things you care about get broken is really hard to deal with. Having a backup plan in place does a lot to ease the stress.

18. Moving trucks get into car accidents too.

19. They’re also prime targets for thieves.

20. Finally, you should get moving insurance because your move to a new home is an investment, and filling your home with treasured belongings from a life well-lived makes that investment complete.

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