Moving Insurance Leads Program

How Does it Work?

This automated solution offers a quick and effective way to refer your customers to licensed insurance consultants that will make sure your customers are properly insured for their move.

  • 100% FREE – you simply need to let us know that you’re interested.
  • No extra effort on your part.
  • will even compensate you for booked policies!
  • Automates the referral to – a partner within the moving industry for 20 years.
  • Get a complimentary co-branded landing page to send your customers to for insurance.
  • Saves you time and makes it even easier to provide third party moving insurance to your customers.

How Are Customers Referred?

Two methods are supported for sending data. Leads over email is a quick way to get started and can often be set up without any development work. Leads over API supports the most features but requires a small amount of development work or support from your move management software.

Leads over Email: Your company can transmit data via email, either individually or batched together. RIG will parse and extract the data from this email, so it is important that the email structure remains the same. Spreadsheets or CSV files are also supported. As long as a standard report can be produced, leads over email will work for you.

Leads over API: Your company can transmit data via RIG’s REST API. There is a single API method to submit data, and an ID is returned that can be used to check status or update lead details. Leads submitted over API are received quickly and can be contacted while they are still considering the move process.

Ready to Get Started?

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