Mobile Storage Insurance

Using a Portable Storage Unit?
Get Mobile Storage Insurance.

America is in love with mobile storage units. And why not? They conveniently arrive in your driveway and are magically hauled away when they’re full.

From a convenience perspective, they can’t be beat. However, from a risk perspective, insurance is essential. Items in your driveway and in transit are at much greater risk of damage and destruction. Whether you are loading and unloading these mobile storage units yourself, or using a professional company to do so, insuring your belongings in either situation is a must.

Fortunately, when you have a mobile storage insurance policy from Relocation Insurance Group, your belongings are protected!

Here’s how it works:

  • We cover your personal or commercial property while it’s in the mobile storage unit and while in transit if it’s damaged or destroyed by vehicle accident, rollover, fire, lighting, smoke and theft. We also cover your goods while they are at the storage facility if they are damaged or destroyed by these causes of loss.
  • The maximum insured by one policy is $300,000 and the maximum per item is $5,000, so carefully check out the policy terms here – and make sure to list all your high value items individually when you apply for your policy.

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