Storage Insurance

Renting A Storage Unit? Get Storage Insurance

If you have a lot of treasures in storage, keep them safe with storage insurance.

Contrary to popular belief, most storage companies do not reimburse you if your belongings are destroyed and damaged while in storage. Most homeowners insurance policies leave your stored belongs uncovered as well. Fortunately, Relocation Insurance Group has your stored belongings covered.

Here’s how it works:

  • We cover your personal property while it’s in the identified storage facility in the unlikely event it is damaged or destroyed by fire, lighting, explosion, smoke, vandalism, earthquake, building collapse and a few other unexpected events. See full list of perils.
  • We also cover loss caused by burglary by forcible entry in a locked space.
  • The maximum insured by one policy is $50,000 and the maximum per item is $10,000, so carefully check out the Policy Terms – and make sure to list all stored items worth $500 or more separately when you set up your policy.

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