Moving with Children: Tips to Help You Find the Best School for Your Child

As a parent, you want to give your children every advantage possible. This includes making sure that your children have access to an excellent education. If you’re moving, finding an area with great schools should be one of your criteria. Here are some tips to help you find the best school for your child.

Public, Private and Charter

When looking at schools, there are three basic types to consider: public, private and charter.

If you opt for a public education, the school your children enroll in will be determined by your address, so it’s important to look at the local school district before making an offer on a house, rather than after you’ve already committed to a house.

If you don’t like the school district in an area, private schools can provide another option. Before deciding on a private school, research the cost and admission requirements to ensure this is a possibility for your family. Keep in mind that many quality private schools have a long wait list – even if you can afford the tuition and your child meet the admission requirements, immediate enrollment may not be guaranteed. Also look into a school’s religious affiliation and educational philosophy to make sure it is a good match for your family.

Charter schools are publicly funded schools that operate independently.  They often have a unique focus or education philosophy that may be a good match for your child. Although state laws vary, they are typically open to all children free of charge; however, demand may be extremely high, and admission is often done via a lottery system.

School Rankings

Regardless of the type of school you select for your child, you will want to assess the quality. Several sites provide school rankings that make it easy to compare schools.

One of these sites is GreatSchools. This site gives each school of overall rating, as well as ratings on specific issues related to academics, equity and environment. Families are also able to provide ratings and reviews, giving you a more personal look at each school. If you see a school that you like, the “Homes for sale” feature will take you to listings on Zillow.

Another school rating site is Niche, which gives schools an overall grade as well as individual grades for academics, teachers, clubs & activities, diversity, college prep and sports. Schools are also ranked by best public or private school in state and best school for STEM in state. The “View nearby homes” feature takes you to listings on

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