Leverage Ecosystems to Grow Your Moving Company

grow your moving company

Ecosystems are changing the way businesses operate and creating many advantages for both companies and customers. You can leverage ecosystems to grow your moving company.

What Are Business Ecosystems?

According to Investopedia, a business ecosystem is a network of organizations that are involved in the delivery of a product or service. The ecosystem can include suppliers, distributors, customers, government agencies, and other organizations. These entities interact through both competition and cooperation.

The concept of business ecosystems dates back to 1993. However, ecosystems have recently gained traction as new technologies have facilitated stronger connections. According to Deloitte, new digital platforms and ecosystems are evolving rapidly and becoming a thriving model in the digital economy.

How Ecosystems Can Benefit Moving Companies

Imagine you’re trying to organize a move. You need to book a mover, buy moving insurance, forward your mail, close your old utilities and set up new ones, buy new appliances, donate items you don’t want to bring with you, and secure insurance for your new home. It’s a ton of work – and just one delay can mess up everything.

A moving industry ecosystem can simplify the process by offering some or all of these services in a convenient, interconnected way.

Ecosystems can also benefit the participating organizations. Moving companies may want to offer additional services but can’t because they lack the resources. By becoming part of an ecosystem, you can offer additional services through your partners. This can boost customer satisfaction and help you attract additional customers, as customers who chose one of your ecosystem partners may also decide to patronize your business.

Constructing Your Moving Industry Ecosystem

Building a business ecosystem is all about relationships. Every member of an ecosystem should provide value. According to EY, ecosystems also need at least one member to act as the orchestrator of all the participants.

Think about the services your moving customers need that you can’t offer. For instance, you could add to your ecosystem:

  • A moving insurance provider to offer insurance to protect customers’ belongings.
  • An organization that picks up donated items.
  • A relocation concierge to help customers with home transition and utility setup.

You don’t need to add everything at once. Start with a small ecosystem that covers the most essential services and add more in the future.

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