Motivate Your Team for the New Year

motivate your team

Winter is traditionally the slow season for moving companies, but that’s no reason to stagnate. The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to roll out bold plans and big goals to make it your best year ever. You’ll need to have your employees on board. Motivate your team for the new year with these strategies.

1. Set goals for the new year.

Your team will only be motivated to achieve your goals if they know what those goals are.

Set specific goals for your moving company for the new year. Obvious choices include achieving a certain number of moves or generating a particular amount of revenue. However, don’t be afraid to think outside the box and go big. For example, your goal could be to enter a new niche or to create a new stream of revenue. You could also create goals around improving your online reviews or reducing the number of moving claims you have.

2. Generate excitement for your goals.

Once you’ve decided on your goals, get your team on board by generating excitement. You’ll have a hard time doing this unless your team leaders are genuinely enthusiastic.

You’ve probably heard people say that enthusiasm is contagious. According to Michigan State University, this is true. In fact, both positive and negative emotions are contagious.

If your team leaders approach the new year with optimism and excitement, this positive outlook will rub off on the rest of the team. On the other hand, if team leaders seem pessimistic about the new year, this gloomy outlook will spread.

3. Involve your team in your plans.

Your workers are one of your company’s greatest assets. Don’t leave this resource untapped.

According to Harvard Business School, your company can reap many benefits by involving your team in decisions about everything from improving employee engagement to uncovering blind spots.

When selecting your goals and determining how to achieve them, involve your team. Ask everyone for their ideas, and make it clear that you value their feedback. You could use a suggestion box or an employee survey. If your team is small, you could hold a meeting.

4. Provide incentives for success.

To ensure you motivate your team to excel in the year, offer incentives. A meta-analytic review of 45 studies found that workplace incentive programs resulted in a 22% increase in performance.

Incentive programs can take many different forms: from a bonus for all employees if your team meets a goal to a prize for the top-performing employee. The incentive program you select will depend on your goals as well as your budget.

One More Thing

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