Why We Love Self-Storage and Why Storage Insurance Matters

self-storageIt’s a natural human instinct, storing things – and it means a lot, not to have to part with something valuable to you just because you’re not currently using it.

The self-storage phenomenon started back in the 1960′s, when the first modern facilities opened their doors. Over the next 30 years, they started popping up everywhere; by the end of 2014, there were over 48,500 primary self-storage facilities in the United States alone (source).

While some see this as a distinctly American phenomenon, the truth is, self-storage is a popular option everywhere it’s been introduced, from Europe to China. Worldwide, there are 60,000 facilities, three thousand in Canada, more than a thousand in Australia (source).

When self-storage becomes important

Often, self-storage starts with what’s called a “life event.” Moving. Getting a house ready for sale. Going through a divorce. Maybe your grandmother passed away, and you’re cleaning out her house. Maybe you’re helping an aging parent downsize to a smaller space, and they’re not ready to part with all their personal belongings. Maybe you’re a military service member preparing for deployment.

These events are hectic times; space is scarce, and emotions are running high. During these moments, storage units don’t just provide a place to set down what you’re carrying. They spell relief for those who are navigating a thousand other concerns.

It goes beyond life events, too, though. The objects in your unit may be sentimental, they may be things you’d like to pass on to your kids, they may represent pursuits you hope to pick up again down the road.

In many cases, storage isn’t just about holding on to your belongings. Sometimes it’s about holding out for your dreams.

Why storage insurance matters

No facility can guarantee that your belongings are 100% safe. Theft, damage and natural disasters happen. That’s why these businesses don’t typically cover your stored items under their own insurance policies; they’re well aware of the risks.

Know, too, that your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance probably doesn’t cover the valuables you’re storing outside of your home. Once you move them somewhere else, they’re on their own.

On the bright side, storage insurance isn’t hard to attain, and it’s generally not expensive either. Even if your needs are short-term, getting insurance is a smart move.

How important to you are your valuables? Storage insurance is just as important. Get your storage insurance policy today.