7 Ways to Build Your Moving Insurance Business

moving insurance

Moving companies can earn revenue by helping their clients secure third-party moving insurance. It’s a fantastic way to boost earnings while helping customers protect their belongings and preventing the ugly disputes that may occur after an uncovered loss. However, you’ll only see the advantages if you succeed in persuading moving customers to purchase coverage. There are seven tactics you can use to build your moving insurance business.

1. Build moving insurance into your call scripts.

When your customer service representatives speak to customers, they need to remember to cover key points. They often accomplish this by using scripts. Your script should include information about moving insurance. This is important because moving customers might not even realize they need coverage – they might assume your moving company will cover any losses automatically. Establish the importance of third-party moving insurance from the beginning to avoid misunderstandings and surprises.

2. Post an article and a link on your website.

Modern consumers often take a DIY approach to research. In fact, in the Omnichannel Holiday Survey from Google and Ipsos, 53% of shoppers said they ALWAYS conduct research online before they buy. Your moving customers will likely check your website to learn more about your services. This is a prime opportunity for you to educate your customers on moving insurance. Post an article explaining why all-risk moving insurance is important, and provide links directing your moving customers to your branded landing page for moving insurance.

3. Include a flier in your moving paperwork.

You have another opportunity to highlight the importance of moving insurance when you give your customers their moving estimate and other paperwork. Include a flier that highlights the importance of coverage. Make sure it features the URL to your moving insurance landing page.

4. Use a checkbox on your moving software or paper intake forms.

There are a lot of things to cover when booking a move. A moving checklist can ensure that customers don’t miss anything. If your moving checklist currently omits moving insurance, make sure to add this.

5. Train your team and give reminders.

Your team has a strong influence on the decisions your customers make. If your team glosses over the importance of moving insurance, your moving customers might come to the conclusion that it’s unimportant. Train your team members on the importance of moving insurance to ensure they convey the right information to your customers. Your team also needs to be knowledgeable enough to answer basic questions about moving insurance, such as what it covers and why customers need it. Since team members may forget details or develop bad habits over time, you should provide monthly reminders after the initial training.

6. Create incentives for moving insurance referrals.

When a move results in damaged belongings, moving customers who have no insurance may be (understandably) upset and take it out on your company by leaving bad reviews. This can hurt your business, which is ultimately a bad thing for your team members who rely on your company for work.

However, this reasoning alone may not provide enough motivation to encourage them to sell moving insurance. To get your team into the habit of selling moving insurance, provide incentives. For example, you could offer a prize to the worker who secures the greatest number of moving insurance referrals or provide a company-wide bonus or reward if your team meets its quarterly goal.

7. Post about moving insurance on your social media accounts.

Social media is another great way to spread the word about the importance of moving insurance and to find leads for moving insurance referrals. You can reach a large audience using social media, including both your current customers and other people who aren’t your customers yet but are interested in moving tips. This means you’ll gain new customers at the same time as moving insurance leads.

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