Moving Insurance: Deciphering the Coinsurance Clause

How much of your moving insurance contract do you understand? If it includes a coinsurance clause, do you know what that means? Don’t feel bad if you don’t. When handed an insurance contract, you might be tempted to skim over the dense terms and sign on the dotted line without fully understanding what you’re agreeing [...]

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Searching for Affordable Business Insurance Alternatives?

Recently, the Mover’s Choice (AIG) program exited the New York market and has been non-renewing all clients. This is a major change that is creating a P&C insurance challenge for many moving companies. To help you navigate this challenging insurance market, we are co-hosting an Insurance Cost Control Workshop with World Insurance Associates. When: 6/22 [...]

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3 Ways to Reduce Your Fleet Management Overhead

Managing a fleet of vehicles can be a cash-flow black hole, with a cascading set of challenges as the fleet gets larger and older. Efficiency can suffer as a company grows, and basic tasks start to take longer. Navigating the relationships between HR, payroll, and inventory come with their own sets of time-sinks, not to [...]

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How Fleets Can Combat Rising Commercial Auto Insurance Rates

Commercial auto insurance rates are on the rise. In the auto liability line, the Insurance Journal reports that rates could increase by as much as 10 percent this year. What's behind the higher prices? In a nutshell, the number of crashes has gone up. The severity of injuries has gone up. And the medical costs [...]

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Transportation Risk Management: Three New Developments

From natural disasters to technological advancements, new developments are changing the face of transportation safety. To protect both your employees and your bottom line, learn more about the changes—both beneficial and detrimental—affecting transportation today. Worsening Weather An increase in extreme weather events can cause problems for transportation safety. The Actuaries Climate Index monitors extreme weather [...]

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How Moving Companies Can Promote Safe Driving at Work

If you want to control your business insurance loss ratios, safe driving is a great place to start. For companies with fleets, accidents can result in significant property and liability claims. By educating your drivers, you can improve employee morale, customer satisfaction and driving down insurance loss ratios – all in one effort. Where to [...]

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Trade Credit Insurance: Who Needs it and How Does it Work?

Imagine this scenario … Your company has provided its usual stellar services to a good customer you trust, and you’ve given that company an extended payment deadline. But the payment date comes and goes and no payment shows up. So your accounting department sends out a past due notice, and then another, and yet another. [...]

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Moving Industry Risk Management: Is Post-Accident Drug Testing Effective?

Substance abuse in the workplace is a serious and growing challenge for employers already struggling to maintain a healthy workforce and keep costs down. The legalization of marijuana and the explosive growth of opioid and synthetic drug use in recent years are only compounding the problem. And it’s a crisis that can hit employers in [...]

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Moving Insurance Update: New Trucking Legislation

Regulatory reform is in the air where trucking is concerned. Earlier this month, the United States House and Senate passed a five-year FAST Act bill of over $3 billion in surface transportation funding, which President Obama is preparing to sign. Ready for the highlights? Most importantly, the bill called for inaccurate carrier scores to be [...]

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Inspiring the Millennial Workforce: What Moving & Storage Managers Need to Know

It's not always easy for moving and storage facilities leaders to know how to manage millennials. Today’s youngest workers distrust bureaucracy. They distrust hierarchy. And if they see you as an extension of those ideas, they probably distrust you, too. That said, millennials are entering the workforce en masse - they currently represent a third [...]

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