Why We Love Self-Storage and Why Storage Insurance Matters

It’s a natural human instinct, storing things – and it means a lot, not to have to part with something valuable to you just because you’re not currently using it. The self-storage phenomenon started back in the 1960's, when the first modern facilities opened their doors. Over the next 30 years, they started popping up [...]

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Three Reasons to Get Self-Storage Insurance

The self-storage industry is booming. Self-storage facilities give us a quick and easy way to keep items safe and out of the way when we’re not using them. But are your stored belongings really safe? While you should check with your agent to be sure, as a rule of thumb, most homeowner’s and renter’s insurance [...]

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Six Ways to Save on Moving and Moving Insurance

There's no question that moving can get expensive, and it takes up a whole lot of your time. Fortunately, there are ways to save money during the moving process.    Below are six ways you can reduce your moving bill:   Declutter: Why pay to move items that you no longer use or need? Take [...]

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Relocation Insurance Group Explains the Legal Term “Insurance Bad Faith”

Our legal system in the United States, as well as legal systems in other parts of the world, protect both people and companies from harm. In the case of insurance, insurance companies are held accountable to their actions within the legal framework. Here, Relocation Insurance Group, a leader in the relocation insurance sector, unpacks the term “Insurance Bad Faith.”

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Relocation Insurance Group on Summer Moving and Insurance

Relocation Insurance Group has been in the business of providing residential folks and businesses alike with dependable and affordable moving insurance for over a decade. Below, Relocation Insurance Group discusses the advantages and disadvantages associated with summer moving, and how it all ties back into insurance.

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Relocation Insurance Group Explains the Difference between First Party and Third Party Claims

Undoubtedly, insurance plays a significant role in our lives. As such, it is very important that one understands the difference between two key insurance terms: First party insurance claims and third party insurance claims. Below, Relocation Insurance Group, a premier moving insurance company, explains the difference between these key terms.

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Relocation Insurance Group Warns About Unlicensed Providers

Here, Relocation Insurance Group, a top-tier moving insurance provider, warns businesses and residential folks alike about unlicensed insurance providers. Indeed, purchasing moving insurance from providers who don't hold the the proper licenses is very risky for both moving companies and consumers. Insurance is not a straightforward product, and thus it's crucial that only those trained and licensed are permitted to sell it.

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